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Welcome to Motion Dance Studio

Here at Motion Dance Studio we believe in passion, fitness and fun. When the day ends, our feet are dirty, hair messy and our eyes sparkling at having the chance to pole. Our dancers are great, based on their passion and not necessarily their technique. It will hurt, take time and require a lot of willpower and dedication but like all good things in life, nothing come without sacrifice.

This is where we push our bodies to the max but when we reach our goal it is 100% worth it. Motion Dance Studio Studio offer dance classes to anyone – all genders, ages, shapes and sizes.

What We Offer

Whether you are just starting, been poling for ages or judt a curious individual, this blog site keeps you updated with the how's and what's of pole, the in's and out's of Motion Dance Studio

New comers, pole students, kids and fitness fanatics, this is the time to make a difference and try something new and exciting. You can get fit in class and out while you develop your dance moves and take your pole skill to the next level, while having loads of fun.

Keep a close eye on our different classes at different times. Kids pole also known as polenastics, beginner, intermediate, doubles and routine pole classes. Also dont miss our stretch classes for those who want to work on their flexibliity, for all ages!

Sign up for the different classes we have to offer. Month to month, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months, we cater to your needs.