An all over body workout that focuses on dance choreography as well as tricks using the pole. These classes are fun and challenging. We have different types and levels of classes so suit each student’s needs. All our classes are kept small to ensure each of our students get the individual attention they deserve.

The different types of Pole classes we offer are:

Beginner/Pole Basics 101:

This class is specifically aimed at beginner girls who are new to pole. The focus of this class will be to learn the basic moves and tricks of Pole. Here students will learn the correct technique of all the different tricks such as climbing, inverting and spinning correctly on the pole. This class is also great for those students who want to perfect their technique and works hand in hand to the flow classes so our students can build on both areas of pole.

Intermediate Pole:

This class is also set up to increase students’ strength and flexibility as well as teach them more difficult tricks such as use of a spinning pole and a combination of moves.

Sensual Flow/ Routine Classes :

A fun and sexy way to work out for students from all levels. This is a flow class that integrates many versions of sensual dance. It is a high energy dance class that works out the whole body. Using the pole and floor it allows ladies to feel sexy in their skin and to gain dance, rhythm and movement.


This is an integrated program designed specifically for children aged 5 years and up. This program focuses on building mental and physical strength of children. It is a combination of basic gymnastics skills, rolls, handstands, stretch, balance and form using the pole. It also encourages fitness empowerment and contemporary dance flow. Children will learn to be strong, flexible and motivated.

Stretch Classes:

Our Stretch classes work as a great addition to our Pole classes. Pole Fitness requires lots of strength and discipline and these classes were created to assist our students with the flexibility and fitness needed for pole. Our stretch classes are open to students of all levels and are designed to ensure that each student is challenged no matter what their level of fitness may be. This stretch class uses traditional dancer stretching designed to help you increase your flexibility and range of movement. Classes begin with a warm-up then progress through a series of static and dynamic stretches designed to increase your range of movement and elongate muscles in your entire body. Using the floor, wall and pole, and a partner for some stretches to get a deeper stretch. A portion of the class is dedicated to improving splits, as well as back and shoulders for those back-bending pole moves.